Racism is shit!

We’d like to crowdfund a toilet paper, that has an anti-racist impact. Our plan: 100,000 packs of toilet paper generate 100,000 EUR donations for anti-racism and empowerment workshops. Download the ART.zip file and design your own vision for the packaging of the anti-racist toilet paper!

Your design on 100,000 packs

Roger Rekless and Goldeimer are calling upon the BIPoC community of Germany to participate in the design contest for the anti-racist toilet paper – be it as a team or as a solo artist. Should your vision convince the jury, 100,000 packs of toilet paper packaged in your design will soon do their part for anti-racist education in German bathrooms. At the same time sales of the toilet paper will generate 100,000 EUR for our partner initiatives: the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung (Amadeu Antonio Foundation), the Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V. (Initiative Black People in Germany) and the Social Justice Institut München (Social Justice Institute Munich).

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Social Justice Institut München

This could be your prize

First prize:
The jury’s chosen design will be printed on 100,000 packs of anti-racist toilet paper. Further, the winner(s) will receive 2,000 EUR as well as a „Bigpack“ (27 packages containing 8 rolls each at 150 papers) of the anti-racist toilet paper. On top of that, the winner(s) and the top two contenders will be granted a common exhibition space at the next Millerntor Gallery. The Millerntor Gallery is an international festival in the heart of the city of Hamburg, celebrating arts, music, and culture. It has been initiated by the NGO Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli and the football club FC Sankt Pauli. Colorful, loud, and open to everybody.

Second and third place:
First and second runner-up will receive a „Pack“ (9 packages containing 8 rolls each at 150 papers) of the anti-racist toilet paper.
Zweit- und Drittplatzierte bekommen ein Pack (9 Packungen à 8 Rollen, 150 Blatt) vom Antirassistischen Klopapier. On top of that, the winner(s) and the top two contenders will be granted a common exhibition space at the next Millerntor Gallery.

Appreciation for all participants:
As a token of our appreciation we’d like to include the names of further participants and their Instagram profile or website on the package itself so as to promote their artistic endeavours.

How you can participate

The anti-racist toilet paper is meant to provide a platform to people who are confronted with racism as part of their daily lives. This is why are explicitly inviting creatives, artists and designers of the BIPoC community to participate in the design of an anti-racist product. Participants may enter the contest both as solo artists as well as as a team or collective. The entirety of the front of the packaging as well as the space on the roll itself are yours to spread your message. We will not print a logo next to your art. Neither do we profit from this effort against racism. All profits are donated to our partner NGOs for their anti-racism and empowerment workshops. This is how it works:

1. Download ART.zip
2. Create a design, as a solo artist or collective
3. Upload the design on this website

Obviously, we won’t mind you spreading the message on the crowdfunding effort via your social media channels either. If you’d like to share your draft and / or final design with the world prior to the contest having ended, we’d like to invite you to use the hashtag #rassismusistfürnarsch (German for #racismisshit, loosely) such that we can promote your effort via our channels as well.

Maße, Verpackung: 380x195mm. Maße, Klopapier: 95x125mm

Remind me!

The contest can only truly matter once the crowdfunding goal has been reached, such that the cost of production is covered. Should you be keen on starting with your design right away, you may submit it as soon as you feel ready. However, we’d like to also offer you the option to be reminded of the contest once the goal has been reached.

Upload your design!

You may upload your design now. We accept submissions until is the 21st of January 2021 at 11:59 pm. Be so kind as to verify that your design adheres to the parameters given in the Designvorgaben.pdf which you will find in the ART.zip file. Participation is both possible as a team / collective of artists or as a solo artist.

Upload as a solo artist

Upload as a collective

Participation deadline